Figurative Painting

Thoughts on Figurative Painting

Figurative paintings by Victoria Canada Visual Artist Marion EvamyI love to “people-watch” and the figure has always intrigued me.  The power of the figure, forever changes – it is mysterious and complicated, yet can be explored in an abstract manner.

My figurative paintings portray familiar scenes, although the “players” often have a slightly enigmatic air.

They are metaphorical, simplified bodies in the gentle attitudes of daily life. Gestures and body language are emphasized but the background around the figures leaves the environment somewhat ambiguous. I strive for the combination of strong shapes and composition balanced with color and simplicity.

My latest series of “muses” explores the idea of the mystery and complications of the individual person. A mixed media approach allows me to create a piece in response to the shapes of collage materials or the stroke of paint, using an intuitive path to “sculpt” a new face.

These muses emerge with facial expressions and personalities all their own, built through the experiences that life – and the artist throws their way. All these elements are meant to elicit emotions that many can identify with!