Abstract Painting

Thoughts on Abstract Painting

Abstract painting allows the viewer to bring their own experience to the painting, and that’s why they are interesting to me and to my admirers! Abstracts allow me to experiment and to paint with a sense of no fear. I don’t have pre-conceived notions and it allows me to throw perfection out of the proverbial picture!

As Picasso said “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.”

There is freedom in allowing your intuition to take over and play…. there are some rules of course, but those are the ones you learn by painting and painting and painting some more…what works, what doesn’t – should there be a large shape here or a small shape, dark or light, detailed or vague, and then, all of a sudden – oh look, something sort of recognizable is appearing!

This is where the viewer gets to bring their own interpretation into the mix, and the painter has the “aha” moment. Most of my work is more “near abstract” – recognizable imagery, where some details have been left out – because it’s always more fun for the imagination to fill them in.